If you are a first time buyer who meet certain criteria, you are encouraged to take advantage of available schemes by the government to fast-track your home ownership. Among the popular ones would be Skim Rumah Pertamaku (SRP)

Skim Rumah Pertamaku (SRP)

A Malaysian government initiative to assist Malaysians who are eligible to buy their first property. (Both new and existing)

What are the benefits of SRP?

Allows buyers to obtain up to 110% financing on their property purchase, thus allowing home ownership without any down payment

Customer Eligibility

Malaysian citizen and first time home buyer, Self employed or salary earner are eligible Individual age between 18 to 70 years old, Up to RM5,000 gross income per applicant or maximum of RM10,000 if joint applicants with each applicant's gross income is not more than RM5,000 each, Good conduct of credit history in the last 12 months (paying credit card, loans on time)

Property Eligibility

Residential properties located in Malaysia (all areas) including Sabah and SarawakOwner occupied (buyers are required to reside in the property)Residential Property with maximum price at RM500,000 in primary or secondary market

Other Things to be Aware

Syariah compliant mortgages are also offered in this scheme, Loan of 35 years up to a maximum age of 70, Must attend online financial education module provided by AKPK which can be accessed from AKPK’s RumahKu portal at

Participating bank's lending criteria still applies. Please click here for the list of participating banks.

What if I don't qualify the key criteria above?

Not to worry, you may still be eligible for other housing loans. Please contact us for assistance.

If you do not qualify for Skim Rumah Pertamaku as a result of income exceeding RM5,000 per month, you may still be able to purchase a property with minimal downpayment when buying from property developers due to Home Ownership Campaign with is currently running and will only end in 31 May 2021. Many property develoepers are offering very generous incentives to first time home buyers like youself.
More info about HOC can be found here:

Lembaga Pembiayaan Perumahan Sektor Awam (LPPSA)

For those who are working full time in the public sector,  you could also explore property financing option with  Public Sector Home Financing Board (LPPSA) which is a government agency
More info about LPPSA can be found here: